Tour Regulations

Rajt K53/62 Start K53/62
August 17
7:00 - 7:30
Cluj (Kolozsvár), Rooster Church
(Moților street 84)
Rajt K28/36 Start K28/36
August 17
09:30 - 10:30
Gârbău road
Rajt K33-Alszeg Start K33-Alszeg
August 17
11:00 - 12:00
Stana (Sztána), Reformed Church
Rajt K16/25 Start K16/25
August 17
10:30 - 11:30
Dumbrava (Gyerővásárhely), Reformed Church parsonage

K28/36, K33-Alszeg, K16/25: The transportation vehicles will depart towards the START locations from the parking area in front of the Horia Demian sports hall at 9.00 AM. Meeting at 8:45.

  • We kindly ask the participants NOT to be late at the start.
  • The completion of the tour is only acknowledged if the participant has duly signed up and his/her time card has been stamped at all the checkpoints.
  • The detailed description of the route can be found in the Tour Guide.
  • In exceptional cases (e.g. extreme weather conditions) the organizers reserve the right to change the tour course or to cancel the whole tour or certain stages of it.
  • Each participant enters the tour at their own risk, no claims on any grounds can be made against the organizers.
  • The tour passes through conservation areas, please try to leave these intact, so they remain as beautiful as they are today.

Underage participants at the tour

  • In case of underage (less than 18 years of age) participants, the parent/guardian of the participant has to sign a Statement regarding the participation of their child at the event, and must send it before the event (until August 15) via e-mail to the organizers ( The statement form can be downloaded from here.
  • The adult escorting a participant under the age of 14 has to sign a Statement regarding the escorting of the child. The statement form filled out automatically with the data provided at registration can be signed at the start. If you would like to read and sign the statement in advance, and send it to the organisers before the event via e-mail (, you can download the form from here.
  • The K33-Alszeg tour takes place mainly on public roads, therefore registration of children under the age of 14 will not be accepted for this event.

What will be provided for the participants?

The organizers provide each participant with a map, a time card and, upon request, tour guide and memorial T-shirt. Those who complete the tour will be awarded a certificate and a badge.
The K53/62 and K28/36 participants will receive energizing food (apple, banana, biscuits, muesli bar, wafer bar, glucose, grape-sugar) at CP 3 (Gârbău Road); water will be available at all checkpoints.
At the end of the tour, at the Szentimrei Villa, the Szentimrei Foundation will invite all participants to a bowl of warm meal (cornmeal porridge with sour cream, cheese and cracklings) (after 2.00 PM).

Passing through the checkpoints

  • The opening hours of a checkpoint define the period when the checkpoint steward is on duty at the respective checkpoint.
  • Each checkpoint has to be reached within the opening hours of the respective checkpoint.
  • If you arrive too late, you may no longer find the checkpoint steward there and cannot have your time card stamped at that checkpoint and you cannot continue the tour.
  • In case of minor delays you may want to try to contact the checkpoint steward of the next checkpoint.


Transportation to the START locations (K28/36, K33-Alszeg, K16/25) and for the return to Cluj (Kolozsvár), is offered by the organizers with microbuses or buses and vehicles for the bicycle transportation. The transportation cost is not included in the entry fee, it has to be paid separately.

Transportation to the START locations (K28/36, K33-Alszeg, K16/25): The transportation vehicles will depart from the parking area in front of the Horia Demian sports hall at 9:00 AM. We kindly ask the participants to be there 15 minutes before departure for registration and loading the bicycles.

Return to Cluj (Kolozsvár): After arriving to the FINISH and resting, at 7.00 PM the participants will depart together (on bikes) towards Nadășu (Kalotanádas). They will travel on a dirt road for 3 km until meeting road DC 135. From there they will turn right and cycle for 2.8 km towards the DN1/E60 European Road, where they turn left to Restaurant Delia, where the transportation vehicles will be waiting. Participants will be transported from here to the Vivo! (former Polus Center) parking.

Participants can also return individually from Stana (Sztána) to Cluj (Kolozsvár), by train, from Stana train station, with one of the following trains:

  • Interregional Călători R 15760, departs at 15:44, arrives at 16:40
  • Interregional Călători R 15854, departs at 16:50, arrives at 17:40
  • CFR Călători R 3630, departs at 17:13, arrives at 18:17
  • Transferoviar Călători IR 15036, departs at 17:34, arrives at 18:17
  • CFR Călători R 3078, departs at 18:22, arrives at 19:34
  • Interregional Călători R 15856*, departs at cca. 20:45-kor, arrives at 21:30

* This train stops at Stana station upon special request, the organizers will make the necessary arrangements.

The possibilities for parking in the vicinity of the Szentimrei Villa are limited (max. 10-15 cars can park opposite the villa gates) and the roads leading there are bad. Due to this, as well as to protect the environment, we kindly ask the participants to choose the transportation provided by the organizers or train.

*Transportation can be requested through the registration form.
*The number of bicycles allowed on any given train are limited. The organizers do not guarantee that you will be able to get on a specific train with your bike. If you want to travel by train, please inquire at the railway companies about the transportation of bicycles.


If for some reason you cannot or do not want to continue the tour, we recommend the following places (accessible by car) to drop out:
K53/62, K28/36, K16/25: Kapulat saddle, Gârbău road (CP 3), Dumbrava (Gyerővásárhely) (CP 4), Leghia (Jegenye) road (DJ 108C), Nadășu (Kalotanádas) road (135), Riseg hill (from here you can quickly descend to Izvoru Crișului (Körösfő))
K33-Alszeg: Petrinzel (Kispetri), Almașu (Váralmás), (Sfăraș) Farnas, Jebucu (Zsobok)

First Aid

The checkpoints will be provided with first aid kit.
A medical practitioner and a medical assistant will accompany the tour by car.
The mountain rescue service (Salvamont) has been notified about the tours. However, the participants should be aware that on certain sections it can take some time for the help to arrive. Everyone is responsible for their own safety and, if needed, should help other participants according to their abilities.

Information regarding the transportation of bicycles

The bicycles will be transported with trucks.

About 25–50 bikes can be transported on a truck, in standing position, secured to each other. This transportation method has already been used successfully at our latest endurance bicycle tours. The bikes are loaded in such a way as to avoid any damages or scratches during transportation. We will pay as much attention to this as possible, but we cannot guarantee this 100%. Those who are very sensitive about possible damages to their bike should bring to the start a light blanket or something similar. Place it in a bag with their name on it. The organizers will transport there to the FINISH and the bike can be covered with the blanket to protect it from any damages due to touching the bikes standing next to it. Adhesive paper covering tape will be available at the finish office to be used for the protection of possible contact points on the bike frames.

Luggage transfer

If requested, the organizers can transfer the luggage of the participants (1 package per participant), free of charge, from the start location to the finish location, where they can be collected from the finish office. Luggage handed in for transfer must bear a ticket with the name and phone number of the participant. The organizers do not assume any responsibility for any valuables placed in the luggage.

Accommodation in Stana (Sztána)

If you do not wish to return to Cluj (Kolozsvár) at the end of the tour, you can sleep at the Szentimrei villa (Riszeg guest-house). Advance booking is required. Accommodation for one night costs 30–40 RON, with warm shower available. Booking and detailed information:,, 0745-850004, 0770-588389.

Photos and video recordings

During the tours, photos and video recordings will be made at the request of the organizers. The participants give permission to the organizers to use the photos and recordings in which they appear for the promotion of the tours and to post them on the tour website. The organizers agree to always credit the authors of photos-videos.

Comments and complaints

If you have any complaints about circumstances within the organizers’ sphere of responsibility, please request and fill out a complaint form at the finish stewards, or send your complaint via e-mail to the organizers. These complaints will be processed by the tour coordinator after the event and each complaint will be addressed personally.

Data processing information

The organizers process the data provided voluntarily by the participants by filling out the registration form, for the following purposes: evidence of the participants, communication with the participants before, during and after the tour, issuing of payment documents, documenting and acknowledging the participation at the tour, generating statistics about the participation at the tour, informing the participants of other events organized by the EKE – Kolozsvár 1891. The organizers handle the processed data under secure conditions, in strict confidentiality and do not release them to third parties. By registering, the participants agree to the processing of the data they provided for the above purposes. The registered persons can request to have their data deleted from our evidence if they withdraw from the tour, respectively after the tour has been completed. The requests shall be sent via e-mail to the e-mail address of the event.

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