Participation costs

The participation costs can be paid only AFTER registration, it is NOT possible to pay first and register afterwards.
If for any reason, a registered participant cannot take part in the event, the paid amount (entry contribution + T-shirt + bus fare) will not be reimbursed, but the ordered T-shirt will be delivered.

If for reasons beyond the organizers’ control, the event has to be cancelled, the participation costs paid (including transportation costs) will be returned in the form of vouchers (sent via e-mail); participants who ordered t-shirts can pick them up at the organizer’s office. Those who wish to be reimbursed in cash can do so at the EKE office.

Important! Those who register within the discounted entry period, but fail to pay the participation costs by the discounted payment deadline (May 29, 23:59), will have to pay the late entry participation costs.

Participation contribution

Payment deadlineDiscounted: May 29, 23:59Late entry: June 5, 23:59
Tour versionGy35A/B, Gy22Gy Kőhegy A/B/CGy35A/B, Gy22Gy Kőhegy A/B/C
General75 RON / 6000 HUF65 RON / 5200 HUF85 RON / 6800 HUF75 RON / 6000 HUF
Member of EKE65 RON / 5200 HUF55 RON / 4400 HUF75 RON / 6000 HUF65 RON / 5200 HUF
Pensioner, student, pupil over 14 years of age55 RON / 4400 HUF45 RON / 3600 HUF65 RON / 5200 HUF55 RON / 4400 HUF
Children under 14*freefreefreefree

* Children born later than 15 June 2010 are considered to be under 14.

Discounted participation contributions are available for students, children, pensioners, as well as for EKE members. If you claimed a discount, you have to produce at the start the certificate that proves your entitlement for the discount (EKE-pass, student ID, copy of the birth certificate, pension slip)! Otherwise the organizers may request the payment of the price difference.
If you are eligible for several discounts, you can choose the lower participation contribution.                
Discounts cannot be combined, ONLY ONE type of discount can be used.

* EKE membership discount is applicable if the membership fee for 2024 is paid.

Special discounts
If you request a special discount for the participation contribution for social or other reasons, please choose one of the participation contribution options on the registration form and provide a motivation for your request.

Memorial T-shirts

Memorial T-shirt price
until May 29, 23:59 35 lej / 2800 Ft
until June 5, 23:59 40 lej / 3200 Ft

Memorial T-shirts can be requested through online registration, on the registration form, until June 5th, 12:00.


Transportation for the Hiking 22 and 35A/B participants

The organizers provide transportation by buses or minibuses for participants from Kolozsvár (Cluj) to the START în Răchițele (Gy22, Gy35A/B), from Székelyjó (Săcuieu) back to Kalotaszentkirály (Sâncraiu) (Gy22), as well as from Kalotaszentkirály (Sâncraiu) to Kolozsvár (Cluj).

Transportation for the Hiking Kőhegy A/B/C participants

For the participants of this tour we do NOT proivide transportation with buses from Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca) to Kalotaszentkirály-Zentelke (Sâncraiu), because based on the experiences of the previous years there is no interest for this. 
From Kalotaszentkirály (Sâncraiu) to the starting point of the tour (the parking of hill Kőhegy) we provide transportation for everyone.
The transportation from Kalotaszentkirály(Sâncraiu) back to Kolozsvár(Cluj-Napoca) is provided by the organizers by buses and microbuses.

Transportation can be requested through the online registration form, until June 5th, 12:00.

Transportation may be requested after this deadline as well, even at the finish in Kalotaszentkirály (Sâncraiu) and Székelyjó (Săcuieu), as long as there are available places.

Kolozsvár (Cluj) – Kalotaszentkirály (Sâncraiu) – Havasrekettye (Răchițele)45 lei / 3600 Ft
Kolozsvár (Cluj) – Kalotaszentkirály (Sâncraiu)35 lei / 2800 Ft
Kalotaszentkirály (Sâncraiu) – Havasrekettye (Răchițele)25 lei / 2000 Ft
Székelyjó (Săcuieu) – Kalotaszentkirály (Sâncraiu)15 lei / 1200 Ft
Kalotaszentkirály (Sâncraiu) – Kolozsvár (Cluj)35 lei / 2800 Ft
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