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24 June 2023, Saturday
Kalotaszentkirály-Zentelke (Sâncraiu), wedding hall

8:30 – 9:30

8:30 – 9:30

10:00 – 11:00

10:00 – 11:00


As almost nobody requested transportation last year, this year we are not offering transportation for participants of the bicycle tours. You can use the trains between Kolozsvár (Cluj) and Bánffyhunyad (Huedin). A 6-km bike ride will take you from Bánffyhunyad (Huedin) to the start location in Kalotaszentkirály (Sâncraiu) and for it we highly recommend to use the bike path.

You can choose one of the following trains to travel from Kolozsvár (Cluj) to Bánffyhunyad (Huedin):

  • Interregional Călători R-E 10505*, departs at 06:45, arrives at 07:42

  • Interregional Călători R 10553*, departs at 07:00, arrives at 08:02

  • Transferoviar Călători R-E 10033, departs at 07:14, arrives at 08:13

  • CFR Călători IR 146, departs at 07:39, arrives at 08:27

  • CFR Călători R 3073, departs at 07:49, arrives at 08:56

* Bicycles are allowed on these trains, but we cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient place for all bicycles.

After the completion of the tour there are several trains available from Bánffyhunyad (Huedin) to Kolozsvár (Cluj):

  • Interregional Călători R 10656*, departs at 16:55, arrives at 18:00

  • Transferoviar Călători R-E 10036, departs at 17:34, arrives at 18:35

  • CFR Călători R 3076, departs at 18:15, arrives at 19:24

  • CFR Călători R-E 3008, departs at 19:08, arrives at 20:00

  • Interregional Călători R 10658*, departs at 20:42, arrives at 21:38

* Bicycles are allowed on these trains, but we cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient place for all bicycles.

Limited number of participants

The number of participants is limited because of the capacity of certain locations. Accordingly, we allow a maximum of 400 accepted participants. If you register, but do not pay your participation costs, you may be left outside of the 400-person limit and we will have to cancel your registration. Therefore we ask you to pay your participation costs as soon as possible after registration in order to secure your participation. If the limit is reached earlier, registration will be closed before the registration deadline.

What will be provided for the participants?

  • The organizers provide each participant with a time card and, upon request, a printed map, respectively a memorial T-shirt. Those who complete the tour will be awarded a certificate and a badge.

  • The participants of the K85/95 tours will receive energizing snacks at Jósikafalva/Beliș (banana, muesli bar, wafer bar, apple, grape-sugar). Drinking water will be available at most checkpoints.

  • At the FINISH in Kalotaszentkirály-Zentelke (Sâncraiu), starting from 14:00, all participants are invited to a bowl of warm meal.

  • Out of consideration for the environment, single-use cups will not be available at the checkpoints; please bring your own bottle/cup.

First aid

The checkpoints will be provided with first aid kits.
A medical practitioner and a medical assistant will accompany the tour by car.
The mountain rescue service (Salvamont) has been notified about the tours. However, the participants should be aware that on certain sections it can take some time for the help to arrive. Everyone is responsible for their own safety and, if needed, should help other participants according to their abilities. Therefore we ask all participants to bring with them a small first-aid kit, with the following recommended content: band aid, disinfectant (hydrogen-peroxide, Rivanol solution, Betadine), Magnesium tablets, Claritine tablets (for bee or wasp stings), bandage material.

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