Saturday, May 11
Kolozsvár (Cluj), Camping Făget

Start kits will be handed out at the start location, between 07:00 – 07:30. The 2nd and 3rd legs of relay teams will receive their start kits at the exchange locations.

  • We kindly ask the participants NOT to be late at the start.
  • The completion of the ultramarathon is acknowledged if the participant has duly signed up and has checked in with the SI card at all the checkpoints.
  • Each participant enters the marathon at their own risk, no claims on any grounds can be made against the organizers.
  • The marathon passes through conservation areas, please try to leave these intact, so they remain as beautiful as they are today.

Race categories

•    F / M <30 years – competitors born in 1990 or later
•    F / M 30-39 years – competitors born in the years 1980-1989
•    F / M 40-49 years – competitors born in the years 1970-1979
•    F / M 50-59 years – competitors born in the years 1960-1969
•    F / M 60+ years – competitors born in 1959 or earlier
•    Relay – 3-member teams of any age and gender

The Jókai Ultramarathon can be completed as individual competitor or in 3-member relays. Relay exchange points: Szind (Sănduleşti) and Várfalva (Moldoveneşti). At these checkpoints the relay runners shall hand over their SI card to the next leg of their team, who carries on the race. Arriving on time to the exchange points is the responsibility of the competitors. However, they can use the transportation options provided by the organizers.  
The ultramarathon participants compete in the semi-autonomous mode. In designated checkpoints they receive water, energy drinks, food, fruits. In these points they can accept external help. At the other checkpoints, where only water is available, as well as on the whole length of the race they have to rely on the food, drink and equipment they carry themselves.

Timing: with the Sport Ident card system.

Sport Ident (SI) is a timing system used at orienteering competitions. This is an electronic device that can be worn on a finger, which records and stores the data of the devices placed at the checkpoints. These data are then downloaded at the finish and used to compile the result list. Competitors can use their own SI cards, if they have one. In this case they have to provide the number of their SI card in the registration form. Those who do not own an SI card, can borrow one from the organizers. If an SI card number is not given at registration, the organizers will automatically allocate an SI card for the participant. There is no extra fee for borrowing the SI card. For security reasons however, as this is a high-value device, a deposit of 150 RON will be required from each competitor borrowing an SI card from the organizers. The deposit is payable in cash at the receipt of the SI card and will be returned to the competitors at the finish when they hand over the device. The SI card has to be introduced in the slot of the recording devices placed near the checkpoint stewards at each checkpoint. The data registration is confirmed with sound and light signal. At the finish, the race steward will download the data from the SI card, check the data, and print a report for the participant with the check-in times at each checkpoint. These data will be used to calculate the race results. If the data of one or more checkpoints are missing, the system will consider that the runner did not reach that checkpoint, And the runner will be disqualified.

Route and equipment

The route of the Jókai Ultramarathon is the same as that of the Jókai Hiking 55 tour. The checkpoints are the same, too.
•    The detailed description of the route can be found in the Tour Guide.
•    In exceptional cases (e.g. extreme weather conditions) the organizers reserve the right to change the marathon route or to cancel the whole race or certain stages of it.

Compulsory equipment
Bib, SI card, drinking flask with a capacity of at least 0,5 l. The race officials can check the existence of this equipment at any time. If they are not available, the participant can be excluded from the race. Participants wearing the bib will be allowed to cross the Turda Gorge free of charge.

Recommended equipment
Mobile phone with the Jókai 55 route installed in the Avenza maps app. This helps in the navigation. Wind- and waterproof jacket, long-sleeve warm blouse, light super trousers, survival blanket for extreme weather conditions are recommended. Trekking poles are useful at steep ascents and descents. Torch and whistle are recommended as emergency signaling tools.

Underage participants at the event

  • In case of underage (less than 18 years of age) participants, the parent/guardian of the participant has to sign a Statement regarding the participation of their child at the event, and must send it before the event (until May 9) via e-mail to the organizers ( The statement form can be downloaded from from here.
  • The adult escorting a participant under the age of 14 has to sign a Statement regarding the escorting of the child. The statement form filled out automatically with the data provided at registration can be signed at the start. If you would like to read and sign the statement in advance, and send it to the organisers before the event via e-mail (, you can download the form from here.

What will be provided for the participants?

  • Start kit contents: bib, map, SI card if needed, tour guide and memorial T-shirt if requested.
  • Prizes: the participants in places 1–3 in each individual category, as well as the teams in places 1-3 in the relay competition will be rewarded with medals and diplomas. All other participants will receive (smaller) medals and participation diplomas. The first three competitors in the overall race for men, respectively women will receive trophies as well. If any race category has less than 3 participants, the category will be merged with the previous one (lower age group).
  • In certain checkpoints (CP 4, Szind/Săndulești and CP 8, Várfalva/Moldovenești) the participants will have access to energizing food (olives, fruits, energy drink). The racers can also take nourishments set out for participants of the hiking/bicycle tours. Drinking water will be available at all checkpoints.
  • At the FINISH in Torockó/Rimetea, starting from 14:00, all participants are invited to a bowl of warm meal.
  • NEW! Also in Torockó/Rimetea, between 15:00–20:00, various kids’ activities will be organized for the little ones (and the grown-ups, too).
  • Out of consideration for the environment, single-use cups will not be available at the checkpoints; please bring your own bottle/cup.

Passing through the checkpoints

  • The opening hours of a checkpoint define the period when the checkpoint steward is on duty at the respective checkpoint.
  • Each checkpoint has to be reached within the opening hours of the respective checkpoint.
  • If you arrive too late, you may no longer find the checkpoint steward there.
  • In case of minor delays you may want to try to contact the checkpoint steward of the next checkpoint.


Transportation to the START locations – Camping Făget (individual and relay 1st leg), Szind/Săndulești (relay 2nd leg), respectively Várfalva/Moldovenești (relay 3rd leg), from Szind/Săndulești (relay 1st leg) and from Várfalva/Moldovenești (relay 2nd leg) to Torockó/Rimeteaand for the return trip from Torockó/Rimetea to Kolozsvár/Cluj, Várfalva/Moldovenești or Szind/Săndulești is provided by organizers with minibuses or buses.
Planned departure places and times:

Route Departure place Time
Kolozsvár (Cluj) - Camping Făget Bus stop, Mihai Viteazul (former Széchenyi) Square 9A. 6:00 06:45
Kolozsvár (Cluj) - Szind (Săndulești) Bus stop, Mihai Viteazul (former Széchenyi) Square 9A. 08:00
Kolozsvár (Cluj) - Várfalva (Moldovenești) Bus stop, Mihai Viteazul (former Széchenyi) Square 9A. 08:00
Szind (Săndulești) - Torockó (Rimetea) Szind (Sănduleşti), Unitarian parsonage 12:00
Várfalva (Moldovenești) – Torockó (Rimetea) Várfalva (Moldovenești), Mayor’s Office 16:00 17:00
Torockó (Rimetea) - Várfalva (Moldovenești) Torockó (Rimetea), Market Square 18:30 21:30
Torockó (Rimetea) - Szind (Săndulești) Torockó (Rimetea), Market Square 18:30 21:30
Torockó (Rimetea) - Kolozsvár (Cluj) Torockó (Rimetea), Market Square 18:30 21:30

ABANDONING the marathon

If for some reason you cannot or do not want to continue the race, we recommend the following places (easily accessible by car) to drop out: Adrenalin Park, Tordatúr (Tureni), Szind (Sănduleşti), Turda Gorge, Várfalva (Moldoveneşti).

In any case, the participants who for some reason cannot or do not want to continue the race, MUST notify the organizers or the checkpoint stewards (if needed, any checkpoint can be reached by car).

First Aid

The checkpoints will be provided with first aid kit.
A medical practitioner and a medical assistant will accompany the tour by car.
The mountain rescue service (Salvamont) has been notified about the race. However, the participants should be aware that on certain sections it can take some time for the help to arrive. Everyone is responsible for their own safety and, if needed, should help other participants according to their abilities.

Luggage transfer

If requested, the organizers can transfer the luggage of the participants (1 package per participant), free of charge, from the start location to the finish location, where they can be collected from the finish office. Luggage handed in for transfer must bear a ticket with the name and phone number of the participant. The organizers do not assume any responsibility for any valuables placed in the luggage.

Accommodation in Kolozsvár (Cluj)

FREE accommodation can be provided to the tour participants on mattresses, in the sports hall of the Báthory István High-school for the evening of Friday, May 10. Shower is also available. As the number of mattresses is limited, it is recommended to bring your own mat and by all means, a sleeping bag Pre-registration through the registration form is required.

Photos and video recordings

During the event, photos and video recordings will be made at the request of the organizers. The participants give permission to the organizers to use the photos and recordings in which they appear for the promotion of the tours and to post them on the tour website. The organizers agree to always credit the authors of photos-videos.

Comments and complaints

If you have any complaints about circumstances within the organizers’ sphere of responsibility, please request and fill out a complaint form at the finish stewards in Torockó(Rimetea), or send your complaint via e-mail to the organizers. These complaints will be processed by the main organizer of the tours after the event and each complaint will be addressed personally.

Data processing information

The organizers process the data provided voluntarily by the participants by filling out the registration form, for the following purposes: keeping a record of the participants; determining the participation conditions for the participant; communication with the participants before, during and after the event; issuing of payment documents; documenting and acknowledging the participation at the event; generating statistics about the participation at the event, informing the participants of other events organized by the EKE – Kolozsvár 1891. By registering, the participants, respectively their representatives agree to the processing of the data they provided for the above purposes.
The organizers manage the processed data in a strictly confidential and safe manner, they do not disclose them to anyone, with the exception of data provision to the competent authorities (police, gendarmerie, ambulance, mountain rescue) in emergency situations (e.g. accident, getting lost).
The registered persons, respectively their representatives can request to have their data deleted from the organizers’ records if they withdraw from the event, respectively after the event has ended. The requests shall be sent via e-mail to the e-mail address of the event.