Important information

Start K53/62 Start K53/62
August 13
7:00 - 7:30
Cluj (Kolozsvár), Rooster Church
(Moților street 84)
Start K28/36 Start K28/36
August 13
09:30 - 10:30
Gârbău road
Start K33-Alszeg Start K33-Alszeg
August 13
11:00 - 12:00
Stana (Sztána), Reformed Church
Start K16/25 Start K16/25
August 13
10:30 - 11:30
Dumbrava (Gyerővásárhely), Reformed Church parsonage


As almost nobody requested transportation last year, this year we are not offering transportation for participants of the bicycle tours. You can use the trains between Kolozsvár (Cluj) and Sztána (Stana).

* K33-Alszeg participants can travel from Cluj (Kolozsvár) to Stana (Sztána) with the morning trains, at their own expense.

  • Interregional Călători R 10551*, departs at 7:00, arrives at 7:51

  • CFR Călători R 3073, departs at 7:48, arrives at 8:42

  • Interregional Călători R 10553*, departs at 10:30, arrives at 11:26

* Bicycles are allowed on these trains, but we cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient place for all bicycles.

Return to Cluj (Kolozsvár)

Participants can return individually from Stana (Sztána) to Cluj (Kolozsvár), by train, from Stana train station, with one of the following trains:

  • CFR Călători R 3630, departs at 16:47, arrives at 17:43

  • Interregional Călători R 10656, departs at 17:08, arrives at 17:59

  • CFR Călători R 3078, departs at 18:29, arrives at 19:42

  • Interregional Călători R 10658*, departs at kb. 20:55, arrives at 21:40

* This train stops at Stana station upon special request, the organizers will make the necessary arrangements.

The possibilities for parking in the vicinity of the Szentimrei Villa are limited (max. 10-15 cars can park opposite the villa gates) and the roads leading there are bad. Due to this, as well as to protect the environment, we kindly ask the participants to choose the transportation provided by the organizers or train*.
*The number of bicycles allowed on any given train are limited. The organizers do not guarantee that you will be able to get on a specific train with your bike. If you want to travel by train, please inquire at the railway companies about the transportation of bicycles.

Limited number of participants

This year, the number of participants is limited because of the capacity of certain locations. Accordingly, we allow a maximum of 300 accepted participants. If you register, but do not pay your participation costs, you may be left outside of the 300-person limit and we will have to cancel your registration. Therefore we ask you to pay your participation costs as soon as possible after registration in order to secure your participation. If the limit is reached earlier, registration will be closed before the registration deadline.

What will be provided for the participants?

  • The organizers provide each participant with a bib, a time card, a tour map and at request a memorial t-shirt; those who complete the tour will receive a certificate and a badge.

  • K53/62, K28/36 és K16/25 participants will receive energizing food (apple, banana, muesli bar, wafer bar, grape-sugar) at CP 3 and 7 (Gârbău Road, Jebucu/Zsobok), and sandwiches (bread and dripping, zacusca, jam) at CP 4 (Dumbrava/Gyerővásárhely). Water will be available at all checkpoints.

  • At the end of the tour, at the Szentimrei Villa, the Szentimrei Foundation will invite all participants to a bowl of warm meal (cornmeal porridge with sour cream, cheese and cracklings) (after 2.00 PM).

  • Out of consideration for the environment, single-use cups will not be available at the checkpoints; please bring your own bottle/cup.

Luggage transfer

If requested, the organizers can transfer the luggage of the participants (1 package per participant), free of charge, from the start location to the finish location, where they can be collected from the finish office. Luggage handed in for transfer must bear a ticket with the name and phone number of the participant. The organizers do not assume any responsibility for any valuables placed in the luggage.

Accommodation in Stana (Sztána)

If you do not wish to return to Cluj (Kolozsvár) at the end of the tour, you can sleep at the Szentimrei villa (Riszeg guest-house). Advance booking is required. Accommodation for one night costs 40 RON, with warm shower available. Booking and detailed information: Facebook page,, 0374-959244, 0745-850004, 0770-588389.

First Aid

The checkpoints will be provided with first aid kit.
A medical practitioner and a medical assistant will accompany the tour by car.
The mountain rescue service (Salvamont) has been notified about the tours. However, the participants should be aware that on certain sections it can take some time for the help to arrive. Everyone is responsible for their own safety and, if needed, should help other participants according to their abilities. For this reason, we ask all participants to bring with them a small first-aid kit, with the following recommended content: band aid, disinfectant (hydrogen-peroxide, Rivanol solution, Betadine), Magnesium tablets, bandage material.

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