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The route of the Kós Ultramarathon: Cluj (Kolozsvár), Rooster Church (START) – Hoia forest – Hoia hill (Kányafő, CP 1) – Suceagului hill (Kis-Martonos tető) – Bátori hill (Bátori-hegy, CP 2) – Kapulat saddle – A3 motorway – Gârbău road (CP 3) – Bear hill (Medvepad) – Gyerőfi rock – Dumbrava (Gyerővásárhely), Reformed Church parsonage (CP 4) – Leghia (Jegenye), quarry byroad (CP 5) – Ordományos hill – Riseg hill (CP 6) – Stana (Sztána), Szentimrei Villa (FINISH).
The length of the course is 53,00 km, the target time set by the organizers for the completion of the tour is 12 hours
Total ascent: 1556 m, total descent: 1368 m.

For the participants who for some reason cannot or do not want to continue the tour, we recommend the following places (accessible by car) to drop out: Kapulat saddle, Gârbău road (CP 3), Dumbrava (Gyerővásárhely) (CP 4), Leghia (Jegenye) road (DJ 108C), Nadășu (Kalotanádas) road (DC 135), Riseg hill (from here you can quickly descend to Izvoru Crișului (Körösfő)).

GPS track

The route of the Kós Ultramarathon is the same as that of the Kós Hiking 53 tour.

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