Registration Rules

Only pre-registration is possible, NO registration at the START.
Registration deadline is the 28th of June 12:00, after this date it is NOT possible to register.

Please fill out carefully and accurately the registration form, then click on the "Registration" button. After this an on-screen message will confirm the successful registration. At the same time, the data entered in the registration form will be sent via e-mail to both the entrant and the organizers. If you do NOT receive this e-mail after registration, your registration FAILED! Please, try to fill out the form again, with more attention, then submit the form, or contact the organizers.

Registration Options

Via Internet

Online Registration

In person

at the EKE – Kolozsvár 1891 public relations office:
        Kolozsvár (Cluj), 21 Decembrie 1989 St. 116, weekdays 10:00 – 16:00

If you cannot register online on your own (or with the help of friends or acquaintances), you can ask for assistance from the collaborators at the registration office operated by the Nyilas Misi Association, during the opening hours of the office. The registration information will not be filled out on paper, but on the online registration platform on the computer at the registration office, with help from the collaborators of the Association. As the registration office is operated for free by our partner organization, beside their own activities, please, be patient until a collaborator can assist you.

Transfer of Registration

Registrations are transferable until June 30, 12.00 AM.

In case of a transfer:

  • The transferor shall notify the organizers via e-mail, specifying the name of the transferee.
  • Transferees shall contact the organizers.
  • In case of transfers, entry fee differences shall not be reimbursed.
  • If a higher fee is due for the transferee, the difference can be paid in advance, with the specified payment options.
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