Registration Rules

Only pre-registration is possible, NO registration at the START. There are two entry periods: early (discounted) entry and late entry. For us, the organizers, it is very useful for the participants to register as early as possible, therefore we reward the effort of those who do so. Thank you for your understanding.

Discounted entry deadline: June 9, 12:00
Late entry deadline: June 16, 12:00; it is NOT possible to register after this deadline.

Payment confirmation of the participation costs must arrive to the organizers until June 9, 23:59 for discounted entries, and until June 16, 23:59 for late entries.
If you have registered, but in the end do not want to take part at the tour, please notify the organizers as soon as possible via e-mail, Facebook or by phone.

Attention! If the limit (400 participants) is reached earlier, registration will be closed before the registration deadline.

Registration Options

Via Internet

Online registration – Hiking 22
Online registration – Hiking 35A/B
Online registration – Hiking Kőhegy A/B/C

In person

at the EKE – Kolozsvár 1891 public relations office:
        Kolozsvár (Cluj), 21 Decembrie 1989 St. 116, weekdays 10:00 – 16:00

Limited number of participants

This year, the number of participants is limited because of the capacity of certain locations. Accordingly, we allow a maximum of 400 accepted participants. If you register, but do not pay your participation costs, you may be left outside of the 400-person limit and we will have to cancel your registration. Therefore we ask you to pay your participation costs as soon as possible after registration in order to secure your participation. If the limit is reached earlier, registration will be closed before the registration deadline.

Transfer of Registration

Registrations are transferable until June 20, 12:00.

In case of a transfer:

  • The transferor shall notify the organizers via e-mail, specifying the name of the transferee.
  • In case of transfers, cost differences shall not be reimbursed.
  • If a higher contribution is due for the transferee, the difference can be paid at the START, in cash.
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