Important information


The participants starting on bike from Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca) are asked to visit the check-in desk set up in front of the Radio România Cluj building, at Donath street no. 160, on July 16, between 7:00–7:30 AM.

A quick check-in will take place here, the participants receive a card with their entry number and check-in time (which will be registered on a list, as well).
The participants who have checked in at the pre-start will be acknowledged to have taken part at the 100 km version of the Vasvári tour. The participant will hand over the check-in card at the START office in Gyalu (Gilău), and will receive in exchange the tour package and the Prestart sticker will be applied on the participant’s time card.

As soon as the pre-start staff is ready, participants aged 65 and over may be checked in immediately, they do not have to wait for the official start time of 7:00 AM.

For added safety, the organizers recommend that participants travel in smaller groups, and after entering the E60 international road in Szászfenes (Florești), to proceed at average speed (20–25 km/h), wearing appropriate reflective equipment.


In Gyalu (Gilău), on road number 107P leading to Fântânele and Hidegszamos (Someșul Rece), right after going off the E60 main road, in the small square in front of the convenience store and the bar next to it, between 7:30–8:30 AM.

The participants checking in directly in Gyalu will take part in the 85 km version of the Vasvári tour.

We kindly ask the participants NOT to be late at the start. If you happen to be late, please contact the organizers by phone on 0771 535 848.


  • This year, instead of the Vasvári Memorial Days, our event is part of the Hungarian Days of Kalotaszeg. Therefore, the commemorations at the lakeside and in Körösfő (Izvoru Crișului) will not be part of the event.

  • The Memorial site at the lake (CP 3) checkpoint is cancelled. 

  • The finish will not be in Körösfő (Izvoru Crișului), but in Bánffyhunyad (Huedin), at the Youth Community Centre (Casa Tineretului), at 56 Avram Iancu Street, at the venue of the Hungarian Days of Kalotaszeg events.

  • All participants have to arrive to the finish until 16:00.

Information regarding the transportation of bicycles back to Kolozsvár

The bicycles will be transported with trucks.

About 25–50 bikes can be transported on a truck, in standing position, secured to each other. This transportation method has already been used successfully at our latest endurance bicycle tours. The bikes are loaded in such a way as to avoid any damages or scratches during transportation. We will pay as much attention to this as possible, but we cannot guarantee this 100%. Those who are very sensitive about possible damages to their bike should bring to the start a light blanket or something similar. Place it in a bag with their name on it. The organizers will transport there to the FINISH and the bike can be covered with the blanket to protect it from any damages due to touching the bikes standing next to it. Adhesive paper covering tape will be available at the finish office to be used for the protection of possible contact points on the bike frames.

What will be provided for the participants?

  • The organizers provide each participant with a start number, a time card and, upon request, detailed tour map and memorial T-shirt. Those who complete the tour will be awarded a certificate and a badge.
  • At checkpoint 1 and 2 (Havasnagyfalu (Mărișel) road fork, Fântânele hill) the participants will be provided with energizing food (apple, banana, muesli bar, wafer bar, grape-sugar).
  • In Kalotaszentkirály (Sâncraiu), the riders will be offered kürtőskalács (spit cake).
  • In the finish (Bánffyhunyad, Huedin), all participants are invited to a warm dinner by the organizers of Hungarian Days of Kalotaszeg.
  • Drinking water will be available at all checkpoints.
  • Out of consideration for the environment, single-use cups will not be available at the checkpoints; please bring your own bottle/cup.
  • At the start and at each checkpoint the detailed map and profile of the next leg of the course will be available.

First aid

The checkpoints will be provided with first aid kit.
A first aid team will accompany the tour by car.
Everyone is responsible for their own safety and, if needed, should help other participants according to their abilities.
For this reason, we ask all participants to bring with them a small first-aid kit, with the following recommended content: band aid, disinfectant (hydrogen-peroxide, Rivanol solution, Betadine), Magnesium tablets, bandage material.

Luggage transfer

If requested, the organizers can transfer the luggage of the participants (1 package per participant), free of charge, from the start location to the finish location, where they can be collected from the finish office. Luggage handed in for transfer must bear a ticket with the name and phone number of the participant. The organizers do not assume any responsibility for any valuables placed in the luggage.

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